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Call Of Doody

While I’m not convinced my antibiotics have improved the current flare-up much these last two weeks I have at least managed to go outside today. To a grocery store, no less. A small matter to most but, given I’ve struggled … Continue reading

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I Have Much Ado To Know Myself

The year is into its fourth week and continues to be reasonably nice to me, like a kindly relative giving a poorly child ice cream to keep him quiet. Last week’s blip of depression was just that, a blip, and … Continue reading

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Luke, I Am Your Fourther

There are no Jedi, except that kid with the broom. And Ben Solo. And Rey. And Carrie Fisher’s never-fading ghost… …There are plenty of Jedi, the title of the most recent Star Wars film was misleading: deal with it. May … Continue reading

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I’m still suffering from all the driving and physical exertion of my trip to Manchester. I sleep a lot. I ouch a lot. I crave Lucozade with a ferocity that makes me think it may have cocaine in it. I’m … Continue reading

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Now Is The Time To Make Justice A Reality For All Of God’s Children

My body and my heart are at odds with one another. My body is furious with me for driving up to Manchester yesterday, spending the evening with my son, having a meal and chatting about many things, going for coffee … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go*

The last few days have been about pain, insomnia and the fear. They have also been about loving support and kindness so while I have struggled to cope with the difficult stuff I have been helped through and lifted by … Continue reading

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