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What A Banker

Fire your starting pistols into the air for today is Blank Holiday. Actually, scrap that, give your starting pistols the day off for today is Blank Holiday. Don’t begin any races or rob any inconveniently closed building societies. It’s the … Continue reading

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Far Trek

Space, the final countdown. These are the voyages round my father, who was a fan of The Mission, The Seekers, New Life era Depeche Mode and of playing Rise of Civilisations. Bold big box powders, going, going, gone. “Capitain Bluebottle’s … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go*

The last few days have been about pain, insomnia and the fear. They have also been about loving support and kindness so while I have struggled to cope with the difficult stuff I have been helped through and lifted by … Continue reading

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To Boldly Split Infinitives…

Voicey croaky continuey. Croak croak. I am not a frog. I may or may not be a salamander. They croak too, don’t they? Scaramanga, salamander: only one of them tried to assassinate James Bond but it didn’t have a re-growable … Continue reading

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