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Ik Den Holi Gralen

More sunshine, less anxiety. Such is Monday so far. I prefer it to Sunday when anxiety became the all and everything of the day quite swiftly. Today I can at least square up to anxiety and say “Fuck yourself in … Continue reading

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Swear Upon’t

So guess what? No go on, guess? No. Nope. Not even close. Oh ok I’ll tell you. The day after having a tooth extraction a person’s face REALLY FUCKING HURTS! Who knew? You did? Well why didn’t you tell me … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part 11: Barks And Bites To Eat

You know how it is when you drive an hour or so up into another state to see an old friend from England who has lived here twenty-something years and you’re waiting at an outside table of a diner for … Continue reading

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