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Here Is The Snooze

Mornings. Who invented them? What kind of psychotic weirdo wanted there to be a time before midday, a time of dark skies and cold winds, a time of people sneezing all over each other on the bus, a time to … Continue reading

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The Times

Yesterday I experienced the pleasant sensation that everything was happening in slow motion. Nothing seemed rushed, every moment was a small eternity wrapped in forever and lovingly frosted with calm. Today I’m still operating at the same pace but the … Continue reading

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Made Me Shiver

There have now been twenty-three Februaries since time began. Which doesn’t sound like many. Time began only twenty-three Februaries ago? Surely not. It feels like at least twenty-six. Before there was time we ran around naked as the day wasn’t … Continue reading

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This Is This

The city streets were busy today, so much so that I couldn’t last more than an hour in the centre before having to head home and sit in silence. As well as overwhelmed, I felt lonely in the crowd. And … Continue reading

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Adventures In Bedland

The taste of Sunday is a sugar-rush carb-fest orgy rolling about and panting on the tongue. My taste buds feel degraded yet perversely contented; my urgent need for caffeine is being drip-fed into my face to wash away any regret. … Continue reading

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Waves Make The Only Sound

For Tuesday see last Friday. Except don’t because it doesn’t appear to be raining. Unless it has been and I was too bereft of botheredness to pay attention. I don’t care for Tuesday, Tuesday don’t care for me. I remember … Continue reading

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