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The Truth About 2019

January Aliens ate Prince Philip’s face while he was driving to pick up twenty Rothman’s and a few scratchies, and he was kept away from the public while royal scientists rebuilt him. Or until he died.  Also, Gareth Gates won … Continue reading

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Fuhry Road

Some things to remember about political shenanigans in the UK lately. Those of us who aren’t nasty fascists are, of course, perturbed that Nigel Führage and his band of shitsticks garnered quite a lot of votes at the recent EU … Continue reading

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Dream Variations

Sleep engulfs me, a cloak of shroudy dumb-ass numbness topped off with a suggestion of sinusitis increasing the sense that wakefulness is somewhat unappetising. This is a radio day, a coffee going cold on the bedside cabinet day, a never … Continue reading

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