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League Of Just This

Wednesday. The middle time of week designations. A day of not really being up to doing much if you’re Steve and were rather busy the day before. Not all Steve people, perhaps, but certainly this Steve person. There is wisdom … Continue reading

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On Doing Stuff

After a night of fitful sleep because of that annoying twitchy leg thing that some folks find annoys their sleep and renders it fitful, I was planning on doing very little today. Nice to surprise myself now and then as … Continue reading

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And I Know How To Use Them

You know legs? Those pointy to the ground things that begin near your arse and end at the ground? Mine don’t like me today. All I asked them to do was convey me to my appointment for one o’clock. And … Continue reading

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Tarr Very Much

Biting off more than you can chew, lesson forty seven billion. I’m trying to go out and do stuff, to reconnect with the outside world. It’s something my therapist and I talked about. She’d probably like me to share this … Continue reading

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