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Hello Helio Hello

I managed to spend some time out under a real sky today. Not hours and hours because it was freakishly windy and pretty cold in spite of shiny sunface beaming down from up above. In fact most of the time … Continue reading

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How Cold My Toes, Tiddly-Pom

I’m told that if you venture outside into the Exeter lands today, you will notice snow happening to you. I’m told this but I cannot confirm it because I’m made of bed and asleep. I’m not even awake as I … Continue reading

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Climby Up Yer Spout

Rain. There is rain. It splashes the ground but originates in the sky. This is the standard arrangement with rain. No need to phone Michael Fish. He’s retired anyway. And isn’t a real fish. He was just a weatherman. And … Continue reading

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Tweets Of The Day

Walking back from an early appointment, I’ve taken a cafe pit stop in the neighbourhood I called my own until ten years ago. Nostalgic sightseeing wasn’t a priority as it is bitterly cold: frost still clings to the roofs of … Continue reading

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Who’s The Beddest Of Them All?

Sleepy, Grumpy, Twatbag, Arsehole…I forget the names of the other dwarves. Dirty buggers, forcing a woman twice their height to share a single-room cottage with them in hopes they’d see a bit of side boob. They ought to be ashamed … Continue reading

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Frost Bitten And Twice Shy

Winter’s coming… …no don’t get all excited. I’ve never watched it. I’ve seen memes. That’s what you like, isn’t it? Memes. And medieval muff shots. Today has most indeedily felt like the onset of winter. Deceptive British weather. Mild for … Continue reading

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Scatman Crothers

“It’s parky!” In England language this means the weather is not warm. But why does it mean this? Is it rhyming slang – parky hunt, cold as a…probably not. Is it the sort of weather that makes people better at … Continue reading

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