img_1265I write because it makes my world a tiny bit less damaging. The process of writing is the best part and I guess, reading back on things some time later can be rewarding too.

I’ve lived a busy life as a musician, an academic, a hitchhiker, an oddball. In recent years health issues have curbed some of my more insane spontaneity but now and then I still manage to travel. Most days are an adventure if I’m looking at them the right way, even if they’re just about going to town and having coffee.

I write for me but if anything here resonates with you then it’s for you as well. Which is a wanky and pretentious way of saying I hope you like what you read here.

Original music gets posted here under my stupid band name, The Madlys or you can check out the odd rarity, advance preview and other freebies when I get round to posting them here.

I have books you can buy (and some you can read for free) right here.

I review film and TV and such like here.

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