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Fahrenheit Eyesight

Well I was going to nip into Specsavers to sort out the new frames for my glasses as they broke the other day. Specsavers is a little busy with evacuation and firemen and alarms right now so I’m sitting in … Continue reading

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I’m The All-Singing, All-Dancing Crap Of The World

I’ve had my face off and am now temporarily wearing Nicholas Cage’s teeth. Or something more dental and less Nic. Temporary is still the right word though as I am able to open my mouth with slightly more confidence but … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Bite The Bear…

Dear Michael Bond, You lived quite a long life and hopefully a happy one given that your funny little bear brought the happy to millions. Even a fairly awful Hollywood adaptation of Paddington’s stories couldn’t ruin his reputation or yours. … Continue reading

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Fate Holds The Key

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that soap opera used to make me puke…Nick Berry of television pointlessness said that every loser wins. In fact he sang it, ladies and gentlemen. Sang it like an alley … Continue reading

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You Gotta Bag It Up

Do bunnies experience happiness and its opposite? Are they sentient to the point of complex emotional responses or do they just bimble about fucking each other and eating vegetation out of instinct? I’m not a happy bunny today, even if … Continue reading

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They’re Packed Pretty Tight In Here Tonight

Succeeding at Saturday is going grocery shopping and not murdering anybody. Not even a tiny bit. My Saturday is therefore a success and I have earned the right to laze about tinkering with musics and watching science fiction for the … Continue reading

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Stay In Bed, Float Up Stream

Tiredness. It’s a thing. Normal people get it when they’ve slept too little or overstretched themselves. I get it too, it just takes less stretch to become an overstretch, eats into me even when I’ve managed a few hours of … Continue reading

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