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Pompo City

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes, they seem to cover any topic you want from a multitude of perspectives from veneration to ridicule. Aside from football related content, those I am most likely to listen to conform to quite … Continue reading

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Normally Tea

Tried to do some things today; normal, everyday things I wish I could still take for granted but can’t. Because I can’t do them sometimes when my lungs are bad and I certainly can’t do them right now while my … Continue reading

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It is never a great idea to evaluate your life when suffering both physical and mental pain but, ironically, it’s exactly the sort of time you end up doing so. Instead of being in Ohio spending time with some of … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Put Humpty Together Again

It seems I’m not meant to arrive in America via Chicago’s O’Hare airport. In July 2018 a vacation had to be cancelled because of my stupid lungs. This week I’ve just had to cancel another USA trip but only indirectly … Continue reading

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