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A Latte And A Side Order Of Fuck Off, Please

The sky sort of clumped over with grey today yet this did not prevent Exeter from being far too hot. My favourite part of the day was when I face timed with my best of pals who rudely insists on … Continue reading

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Movin’ About

I walked some familiar routes yesterday, alleyways and back roads just behind the main city streets that I loved discovering when I first came to live in Exeter twenty years ago. It wasn’t a long diversion in terms of ground … Continue reading

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One Lump Or Two?

Hot has come to town. Weather, that is, not a flood of young and sexy people, although that does also seem to happen when hot comes to town. Yes, just six months on from the best time of year to … Continue reading

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Admission To Mars

Nearly at the half way stage of the year and it’s been bumping along sort of ok compared to the last one. Yet stability, contentment and hope are fragile creatures, and it seems it only required a three quarters of … Continue reading

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Second Monday

Second Monday, or Tuesday, as the humans call it. I’ve attached myself to a bicycle pump and inflated my face to the correct pressure to cope with coming into town to do ‘stuff’. You know ‘stuff’, it’s that indeterminate jumble … Continue reading

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I like eating and I like to eat. Yes, I know I look like I exist on little wisps of air and cake crumbs because I’m barely visible if I turn sideways but, you know, Crohn’s is a wanker. By … Continue reading

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Get Shorty

If the length of the day is something to get excited about why do we say that size doesn’t matter? Phwoar, look at the daylight hours on that! Of course size doesn’t matter. If it did, I’d be too short … Continue reading

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