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Every Year Is Getting Shorter

My second weekly rehab session did not go as well as the first. Halfway through my third exercise I came over all wobbly like and my oxygen levels and blood pressure were rather concerning when checked. They did pretty much … Continue reading

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Brecht Your Bottom Dollar

Eleven pages. That’s how long my letter of dispute to the Department of Wank and Pensions stretches. Eleven pages intended to show them that their assessment process utterly failed to truly produce an accurate representation of the struggles I suffer … Continue reading

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In Between Days

You might imagine that a Saturday spent in the company of a couple of friends who came to visit in different shifts might have tired my still recuperating body and soul out and enabled me to sleep righteously and well. … Continue reading

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Generally Hospital

I am back up at the hospital for the first time since I was released from the ward three weeks ago. This is just a check-up with my gastro specialist but walking through the reception area brought a flood of … Continue reading

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Wilderness of Pain

I’m almost twice the age I expected to reach when I was a teenage dreamer lost in a world of rock and roll. I was meant to join the 27 club as far as I was concerned – just another … Continue reading

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Mental Health For Dummies

Modern society likes to imagine it is civilised and enlightened yet attitudes towards mental health remain largely in the Dark Ages. Despite many first world countries seeing twenty, even twenty-five percent of their population requiring some kind of mental health … Continue reading

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The way my most recent health flare-up triggered the same extremes of anxiety and depression I’ve struggled with my whole life has made it blindingly obvious that I simply cannot connect strongly enough with anyone to find the sort of … Continue reading

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Being Human

Tuesday and I got along quite well in the end. Not to begin with, there was that incident with the not sleeping all night so I was exhausted. And the second breakfast. Which is actually quite a good thing. And … Continue reading

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Crumbs of Discomfort

For a few hours yesterday I felt like there was a little light shining into this darkness I’ve known for a month and more. Nothing specific had happened which actually made me more hopeful that it was a sign of … Continue reading

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Cee Vee

Welcome back to Sunday, day of curry and trifle. Unless you’re really weird and dislike curry, trifles or Sundays. Or even sundaes. Also day of sleep. When you can’t sleep before dawn the largest part of daylight hours is spent … Continue reading

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