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Choo Choo*

Cake. Cake cake cake. Cake cake cake cake cake. Cake. This is all my mind contains today. It’s also some of what my intestines contain. Not all, that would be greedy. I ate some humble pie and a raisin as … Continue reading

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Encouragement, Exertion, Exhaustion

Another week of small encouragements on the health front and of seeing friends. It’s all left me very tired so Saturday has been a blur of bed and waking to go to the lavatory and then more sleep. Yet there … Continue reading

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Bone Kicker

Bone-kicking tired. Not tired of kicking bones, that would be nonsensical; tired to the bones to such a degree that it feels like I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours taking them out one by one and allowed passers-by to kick … Continue reading

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Mind And Matter

One of the side-effects of having been able to do a little more socialising over the last week or so is that for the first time in so very long my days have not melted into one another to make … Continue reading

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Gibber Ish

Good job my soul likes me today as my entire physical being wants to throw me off a cliff. And oops oh dear and crikey, I’ve got physio later. Should be interesting.  By which I mean it should involve intense … Continue reading

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In Which I Take The Piss And Blame Society

It is always easier to imagine that somebody else, someone outside of us, is the cause of any perceived threat to our existence than it is to recognise the ways in which we might endanger ourselves. I’m sorry, what? Would … Continue reading

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Oh me and oh my. And oh my my. And so on. And so forth. As it were. Etcetera. Sorry, little bit joyful in the brain and soul as I got to a seminar today as a follow up to … Continue reading

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30th Century Man (Minus Nine Centuries)

An early morning clinical appointment insisted I get up and move around instead of lying down and not making my body hurt any more than it already did. My body is still pissed with me about the moving around but … Continue reading

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One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when it comes to living with chronic health problems is the way that enthusiasm and hope can be so easily punctured by a single day of terrible symptoms. The past week brought me … Continue reading

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A Creature Of Weak Impulses

My brief marriage was a misstep. Not only had I never previously valued marriage as an institution nor considered it more meaningful than true connection between romantic partners, I knew on my wedding day that the relationship was not likely … Continue reading

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