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Shivered Like A Child

A small calculation this morning led me to realise that I’ve been more than usually unwell for me for over two months. In fact, if I recognise that I was already ill when I was in California but propped up … Continue reading

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Every Year Is Getting Shorter

My second weekly rehab session did not go as well as the first. Halfway through my third exercise I came over all wobbly like and my oxygen levels and blood pressure were rather concerning when checked. They did pretty much … Continue reading

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Merry Hospitations

Just as I was settling into an acceptance of being back on the respiratory ward things got frantic and changes came. One of the patients in my six bed bay was confirmed to have a rather virulent flu bug and … Continue reading

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Another Hospital, Another Life

The first time I had to stay in hospital came when I was a very small child and I have no memories of the experience. I think I had blood poisoning but have no idea how long I was kept … Continue reading

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Ebo Ebo Ebonettes

“Sharp scratch.” Doctors and nurses who are inserting needles into you are obliged by law to say this now as it is punishable by death to say “You’ll feel a bit of a prick.” I’ve been needled today, in the … Continue reading

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Good Days and Bad Days

You might imagine that the worst thing about having a respiratory condition would be the difficulty with breathing. Breathing is, after all, something rather important in the grand scheme of continuing to exist. Well yes, breathing difficulties are bloody awful … Continue reading

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Body Slam

There are times when the issues with my physical health distressingly resembles a set-up of tumbling dominoes: a flare-up leads to the usual struggles with breathing and ridding myself of yet another chest infection which leads to much coughing and … Continue reading

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