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Paris Je T’aime

It’s sad to see the photos and footage of Notre Dame in flames. While it’s not my favourite Parisian centre of worship – that would be le Sacré Coeur – it is an amazing testament to nearly nine hundred years … Continue reading

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On Knowing When And Not When

Had to make a judgement call about what my body can and can’t handle this morning and, sadly, decided it’s not capable of achieving what I’d have liked to achieve today. My plan was to have been in Dorchester for … Continue reading

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And Heaven In A Wild Flower

I’ve had myself a nice weekend, how was yours? This is rhetorical but you could tell me if you like. Unless something really traumatic and awful happened, in which case don’t write a comment and let the whole world know, … Continue reading

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Have You Heard About That London They Have These Days?

Just pulled into Taunton station on my way to Paddington. I’m never especially sad to have left Taunton behind but there are many memories ghosting around on these platforms, most of them good ones. While a greater percentage of my … Continue reading

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Choo Choo*

Cake. Cake cake cake. Cake cake cake cake cake. Cake. This is all my mind contains today. It’s also some of what my intestines contain. Not all, that would be greedy. I ate some humble pie and a raisin as … Continue reading

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Never Simile At A Crododile

You know similes? When someone mentions a thing and defines it in comparison to a different thing? Like, for example, saying an early Spring is like premature ejaculation because it is sort of exciting but ultimately overwhelming and rather disappointing … Continue reading

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Weighty Waity Matters

I really need to sort out renewing my disabled parking permit so that the next time I have to come for an appointment at the hospital I can avoid driving round and round the damn car park for forty minutes … Continue reading

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