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Nothing To See Here

Being able to see things is a prerequisite to a decent sort of day for me. Imagine my indignation, then, when I realised I was missing a tiny, tiny screw from my spectacles which meant one of the lenses wouldn’t … Continue reading

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An Empty Stave

I speak in riddles to myself, rhyming sounds with curious texture. Inside only, indoor voice. A taste of quiet slowly dissolving on the tongue like lost seawater seeping back into forgotten sand. There are green and grey oceans too far … Continue reading

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Mr McGee, Don’t Make Me Angry

When in doubt, stop. This is the motto by which I have lived today. An excess of tiredness and the return of last week’s relentless cough scuppered plans I’d had to attend the latest fund raising musical extravaganza in memory … Continue reading

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(Not) Bringin’ Da Noise

I feel out of sync with the world today. It’s not so bad, the world is overly full of megalomaniac politicians all intent on pursuing hardline practices even if the consequences prove disastrous for the species as a whole. I’m … Continue reading

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If I Was My Bedsprings

Hello and welcome to tired. Tired plus, in fact. Super tired. Busy and fulfilling weekend but oh so exhausting tired. Lots of driving tired. Singing tired. Insomnia tired. You get the picture. Monday is me and a bed and sleep … Continue reading

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Wellington Alright

I’m not really feeling any better but to try and prove to myself this is just a horrible cold and cough, not a flare up, I drove up into Somerset and stared at Wellington monument for a while today. Well … Continue reading

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Princess of Power

Hurty Monday. Isn’t that a song? It is now. A song with no melody and only ouchy muscle ouch for rhythm. Plus a smattering of syncopated hi-hat. And that scratchy percussion thing they let us play with at school. The … Continue reading

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