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Waiting In The Sky

Don’t even. But, on the other hand, don’t uneven. Several days of almost being like a human turned into a today of sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep. It’s not my favourite kind of today but if it’s what … Continue reading

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You Can Call Me Al Capone

Hello Thursday, will you be friends and pals with me and not ask me to spend all the day being sick? You will? Then I like you and won’t throw gravel at your shins. Oh, and will you encourage me … Continue reading

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When The Moon Hits The Sky

Last time I looked there was a fresh Wednesday sitting on the window ledge, toasty warm from the oven, a delicious waft of steam rising on the dawn air. My attention was distracted for just a few moments by being … Continue reading

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Pea Souper

If air were soup it would be a thick, gloopy one. It would taste quite tangy on the tongue but would be tricky to wade through. Better to sit down on a crouton and  breathe in some lunch. Air is … Continue reading

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Netflix And Chilly

Why are chillis called that when they’re hot, not chilly? Not in temperature as such, I realise, but tell that to your colon the following day. Why is winter so chilly when I hate cold, hate it, hate it, hate … Continue reading

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Write Turn, Clyde

Although I managed to get out to buy groceries yesterday I didn’t feel like I’d done anything more than drag my reluctant carcass to a dreary chore. When insomnia beat up on me all night I doubted Wednesday and I … Continue reading

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I Can I Can’t

I don’t like much about this week so far. Having a song rattling around my head in search of completion is the good part, the rest is highly debatable. In fact, scrub that, there’s no debate: the rest sucks arse. … Continue reading

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