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So I haven’t not been no so well over the weekend and that’s a lot of negatives for one sentence because that’s how it felt: really fucking negative. But I guess it’s relative and I don’t mean I have an … Continue reading

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Friday, said Mr Kipling, annoyingly because he had nothing to do with my Friday and he doesn’t even exist; he’s just a capitalist chimera masquerading as your elderly, cakey friend. I am your elderly, cakey friend, not him, and don’t … Continue reading

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Wasn’t Me

I didn’t saw a film today. Oh well. Instead I woke up at five in the too early, said ‘fuck right off’ to the clock face, and went back for more sleep in an unconscious position. That’s my preferred sleeping … Continue reading

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A Tasty Yellow Beef

With this 2019 business being almost one third of the way done it’s safe to say I’m a much bigger fan of it so far than I was of its bastard sibling, 2018. Some things remain the same, those things … Continue reading

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Dragon George

Let’s celebrate St. George’s day by also not being British, possibly not existing and definitely not fighting any dragons because they definitely don’t exist. Although I guess the perfect person to fight a non-existent dragon is a fictitious saint because … Continue reading

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No Adjective Thursday

Seven o’clock this morning consciousness sidled up to me and whispered something in my ear. Nothing profound, nothing saucy, just one word. More of a sound, really. “Ow!” it said, for yesterday had been a physio day and consciousness didn’t … Continue reading

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Not Winnie The Pooh But A Busy Day

I had a Monday. I’m still having it but the interesting stuff is done with and the being horizontal and tired stuff is all that’s left. Maybe with a little Netflix thrown in for good measure. Even though I woke … Continue reading

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