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Climby Up Yer Spout

Rain. There is rain. It splashes the ground but originates in the sky. This is the standard arrangement with rain. No need to phone Michael Fish. He’s retired anyway. And isn’t a real fish. He was just a weatherman. And … Continue reading

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Oh what a curious thing to have a face with eyes that leak when you’re not sad. Except the leaking makes me sad though it’s not even tears. Or irregular tears. It’s leakage. I was going to use the word … Continue reading

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Information Reinforcement

Tuesday evening, just hooked myself up to the day’s third dose of IV antibiotic. It’s all routine now. The hand washing and the sterilising beforehand, the pressure required to flush the line with saline, the check to make sure the … Continue reading

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Let’s Sport And Play

Colour me productive and call me Wednesday. Minus the productivity. Mostly. Unless eating lunch and talking weird and wonderful with Si counts as productivity, in which case I’m a hurricane, I’m a monsoon of doing stuff, I’m a deity of … Continue reading

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That Phoney King Of England

By law it ought to be Spring now. By. Law. Clocks went forward over the weekend signifying the terms and conditions signed by King John at the Magnum Cartridge, or something, must be ratified and spring weather should now be … Continue reading

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Another Hospital, Another Life

The first time I had to stay in hospital came when I was a very small child and I have no memories of the experience. I think I had blood poisoning but have no idea how long I was kept … Continue reading

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My Favourite Inside Source

This morning I had a clinical follow-up to the trial of the new med I’ve been on. My spirometry tests showed worse readings than two weeks ago, which is not necessarily a reflection of the trial – the med is … Continue reading

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