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The Hardest Blogging Man In Showbusiness

Sweat. Not the good, James Brown king of soul sort of sweat. Shivery yuck kinda faint sort of sweat. The sort of sweat that makes you feel glad you have a doctor’s appointment today. I don’t know if it got … Continue reading

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That Was The Year That Was [Well 49 Weeks Of It Anyway]

Three weeks until 2019 shakes me warmly by the hand and, I very much hope, promises to treat me way better than 2018 has treated me. Most of this year I’ve been drowning, not waving, and it’s not easy to … Continue reading

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#9 Coffee

Do you know any humans? Awful aren’t they? They think skinny latte is important and have beards. Except the ones without beards who don’t like skinny latte. They’re awful too. Yes, even your sister. Well, I like some humans. The … Continue reading

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Crisis Talk

Crisis pushes the mind up against things it ordinarily tries to steer a path away from. Often this involves overwhelming memories of past crises and the traumatic impact they might have had. So one crisis fuels a recurrence of the … Continue reading

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World Mental Health Day

Isn’t it amazing that just a single day a year solves the entire world’s mental health problems? Sorry, I’m being facetious. I do believe in raising awareness and I do believe we need to remove the stigma of mental health … Continue reading

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Cave Of Shadows

Eight days on from the news of my father’s death I find myself in uncharted waters. As I grapple with the need to forgive a ghost and lay some of my own ghosts to rest I am barely held together … Continue reading

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One Of Our Friendly Counsellors Gave Him A Donut

I have many tireds. Nearly all of them. As though I am a magnet for tireds. Obviously I’d rather be a magnet for cake and chips and chocolate and other tasty things that begin with C. But I are what … Continue reading

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