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Careful Whisper

We must whisper. Speaking too loudly will spoil things. Softly, softly speakee hopefully. No comma before ‘hopefully’ thus it is an adjective. I am feeling hopeful. I am not feeling hopeful about my sleep patterns returning to normal any time … Continue reading

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Banana Custard

Immobile car taunts my lack of engineering expertise with a metallic, blue stare. Sun pokes me in the eye while chumming up with chilly wind that steals my trousers. Road block makes me smile at least: enforced pedestrianism ensures my … Continue reading

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Two Half Ps In A Pod

A year ago I was in them United States at America. And then Canada for a night. The night of the 20th February. I was with my bestest friend of all the worlds, Scottley, for the 21st was his birthday … Continue reading

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Induction Then Destruction

Weekends. Huh! Good gawd. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Woah, woah, woah. No, I won’t say it again because an accurate depiction of my weekend would prove weekends are good for some things. Crying. Feeling like a complete … Continue reading

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The Seven Contemplations Of The Head

Take a shit on the floor. Get Schwifty! Yup, it’s a Rick and Morty weekend. I had other plans for today, plans that involved leaving the apartment but then my body decided that it needed a lot of sleep which … Continue reading

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Inside, Outside, Upside-down

It’s exhausting not being a shut-in for a few hours but going outside does provide opportunities to catch up with Si, eat a fried breakfast, bump into Rowan and replace watch parts that needed replacing. Why yes, you read that … Continue reading

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Shivered Like A Child

A small calculation this morning led me to realise that I’ve been more than usually unwell for me for over two months. In fact, if I recognise that I was already ill when I was in California but propped up … Continue reading

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