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Do The Barthes, Man

Observation: the UK and the USA are currently governed by figures who clearly don’t give a flying fuck about the lives of the citizens they are meant to represent yet the majority of those citizens seem content to lie back … Continue reading

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Not Yet Doing The Lambeth Walk

I can’t recall the last time I travelled to London on a train. A train? Ideas above my station (shit pun intended) and it must mean someone else is picking up the bill. Well yes, it does mean that but … Continue reading

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Coldy It’s Babe Outside

I went to the outside for a brief visit to the store earlier this evening. The snow that fell yesterday was covered with a layer of ice from the night and then another dusting of snow meaning my first steps … Continue reading

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Going Underground

Didn’t think I could get more depressed but yesterday’s news about the loss of £460 a month has achieved the impossible and made it seem like I was Cheeky Charlie The Upbeat Chappy before that news. I’ve contacted the Depression … Continue reading

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Do You See What Happens, Larry?

Oh perfect. Just the boost I needed. The Department Of Work And Pensions have made their decision about my Personal Independence Payment and their conclusion is that I will be fine for the loss of £460 a month. Almost as … Continue reading

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Decline And Fall

I continue to sleep and sleep and sleep. When I wake I eat and poop though rarely at the same time. And I medicate. Then I sleep. The anxieties of having to look after myself again are gigantic. My persistent … Continue reading

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Last Hospital Report (until the next time)

New Year’s Day: It’s been a hectic morning on the ward so far. Not for me, I’m just pootling along with my regular routines and continue to respond positively so far. For a couple of the other guys in our … Continue reading

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